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The Outcome offer glimpses of dreamy glowing world with the laid-back summery vibes of “I’ll Take It EP”. Impeccably crafted, the songs embrace mellowed grooves with a slight nod towards psychedelic rock. Layer upon layer of sound comes together in a most extraordinary way, for the many tracks work in unison to delve into surreal landscapes. Usage of space plays an important role throughout the collection for the Outcome chooses to make patience an important ally.
That blend of raw and masterful is apparent on their debut release, I’ll Take It. The four-track EP was showcased at Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub last fall, and it’s a terse but terrific offering that begs repeat-play.
— Sacramento News & Review
These talented, dedicated and gifted musicians are going to fill some airways soon. The Outcome isn’t up-and-coming, they’ve reached it!
— Pieter Pastoor (95.7 KDRT)
I’m pleased to have my name on your project!
— Bob Ludwig (Gateway Mastering)
Bless your eardrums with beautiful neo-rock played by Sacramento’s The Outcome...
— Submerge Magazine
The weekend started out quiet but strong with acts such as... The Outcome, a rock ’n’ roll band with more subtle technique than your typical stadium rock group. The outros by guitarist Quinn Hedges were delicately phrased like sweet nothings. “I’ll take it all for you / It’s always for you,” they sang earnestly... with perfectly controlled vibrato to achieve the polish they were after.
— Sacramento News & Review
There’s a lot of people excited about this new group, The Outcome.
— Andy Hawk (98Rock Sacramento)
Definitely the upper echelon of musicians I have worked with, for sure.
— Joe Johnston (Pus Cavern Recording Studio)
[They have a] shared passion for musical integrity, coupled with a desire to push each other...
— The Davis Enterprise