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We are The Outcome


Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Jesse Sizemore
Vocals, Guitar / Quinn Hedges
Bass / Mike Strickland
Drums / Andy Dibben



Nobody could’ve predicted The Outcome when multi-instrumental singer/songwriter Jesse Sizemore witnessed his future bandmates playing at Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Sacramento. Drawn together by a shared passion for musical integrity coupled with a desire to push each other beyond the conventions of modern music, the foursome are well on their way to unleashing a barrage of meticulously crafted neo-rock songs on the Northern California music scene.


In 2014, singer/songwriter/guitarist Quinn Hedges, drummer Andy Dibben, and bassist Mike Strickland teamed up to perform at a few local venues. With obvious musical chemistry between them, the three began a new project to collaboratively write original riff-based tunes. Having met Jesse at his day job, and recognizing a wealth of talent and creative potential, Andy invited his co-worker to watch the trio perform. Immediately impressed, Jesse introduced some of his original pop-oriented material to the group and instantly the trio transformed into a quartet thenceforth known as The Outcome.


Jesse’s approachable songwriting style seemed to meld seamlessly with Quinn’s more elaborate composition method, which led the group to begin churning out challenging yet palatable tunes. Andy and Mike provide the big, grooving backbeats and tasty, melodic bass lines over which effects addicts Jesse and Quinn create the textural atmospherics and searing guitar leads that define the band’s sound. With distinct yet complementary singing styles, Quinn and Jesse share lead vocal duties, adding to the band’s diverse interpretation of modern rock.


As they began to amass a plethora of new songs, the four decided to refine their focus and bring a handful of their new tunes to the recording studio. After recording their first demo, the band was honored to receive praise from owner of Pus Cavern recording studio Joe Johnston, calling them, “the upper echelon of musicians I have worked with for sure.”


As they embark on their quest to share their craft, this ambitious team of soundsmiths are looking to the Sacramento music scene and beyond, with hopes to build an avid fan base with whom they can connect musically and emotionally. Continually pushing each other to new musical heights, The Outcome endeavor to hone a distinct and memorable sound that will set them apart from countless other gifted artists who call California their home.

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I'll Take It EP

by The Outcome

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"With the “I’ll Take It EP” The Outcome create songs that linger in the mind, with thoughtful poetry from the vocals and tasteful guitar work." -SkopeMag